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The variants of filtered sunlight that impact our view of Oregon’s Willamette Valley change throughout the day. Colors saturate, then fade. Light intensifies, then dims.

It’s under this ever-changing cloud cover where our experience comes to life with ōkta, a focused culinary experience that brings forth the hidden beauty of the region as it continuously reinvents itself.

ōkta Farm

45.2098155, -123.1936034

Intimacy and diversity. Ōkta Farm is our creative backdrop where we live side by side with nature as it guides us on our path of creativity and sense of place. This is where it begins.


Chef Matthew Lightner oversees the creative direction and vision for ōkta. Drawing inspiration from the bounty of the Willamette Valley and the cadence of its micro-seasons, he crafts a highly progressive tasting menu finely tuned to the terroir of the region.